Corporate Culture
A corporate culture needs to be defined and real, because otherwise it is missing authenticity and does not create any extra value. Corporate culture includes the company's behavior towards employees, customers, suppliers and its environment in general. A company is not judged by how it communicates but how it behaves. Therefore, the KHD Group takes on the development of a corporate culture as a process comprising a company's internal and external presentation as well as the behavior of its employees, especially its leaders.

In the first step, we collect data on the status quo which we then use to design a consistent and sustainable corporate culture together with the client. In a second step, we define a code of conduct for your professionals and managers that we implement in a series of seminars and workshops. To guarantee the sustainability of these measures, we support your employees during implementation.

Thus, we enable your corporate culture to come to life – internally as well as externally. A viable culture increases employee and customer loyalty alike.

Corporate Culture Stategies
Every company does have a culture – whether intended or not. In case there is a discrepancy between the ideal picture and the actual behavior, it is time to pay more attention to this topic. Having a corporate culture means to develop a set of norms, values and beliefs that make up the unique character and style of your company. In this sense, the development and implementation of a corporate culture is a vital leadership task.

The behavior towards employees, customers, suppliers and the environment in general provides the ground for your culture. It needs to be defined and practiced in real life. Often times, a company's history provides valuable input. Founders normally introduce specific values and norms characteristic for their period. Thus, corporate culture is an evolutionary process influenced by many factors and one that needs to take new challenges into account.

The KHD Group designs corporate culture strategies together with the client and supports you during implementation across all hierarchies and functions. In mixed teams, we define and optimize your corporate culture strategy and support you during implementation.

Corporate Behavior
Implementing a corporate culture means to synchronize the defined principles with the employees' behavior. This process is supported by the KHD Group by means of seminars, workshops and coaching of individuals as required. Special emphasis lies on the behavior of the company's management. Being a role model and living the defined norms and values is part of a modern corporate culture.

Therefore, we use workshop settings in the expository phase to collect data, information and opinions. We also prepare your key personnel for the cultural changes to come. Corporate culture is not a top down process. It needs to be accepted, practiced and often times it must be learned.

We are here to support you during all development and implementation phases of your corporate behavior. We would be happy to meet you in person and showcase our services in further detail.