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Electronic Media
Electronic media enable fast, targeted and inexpensive qualification. Whether you want to realize a training program on video or train your staff on the occasion of a product launch – the KHD Group is supporting you during the whole process from start to finish. One of our practice groups is specialized on the design and implementation of learning programs using electronic media. We make sure that our products meet state of the art technological criteria. Therefore, we employ a team of editors, programmers and graphic artists.

Together with our consultants, they develop not only the contents, but edit and layout them in an educational manner using your CI. Our e-learning product line is especially useful for international projects and it is a good and inexpensive alternative for traditional roadshows and seminars.

We are able to translate and synchronize the contents into 32 languages. Customers such as Vodafone, Allianz and Georg von Holtzbrinck Verlagsgruppe are already using this efficient method to qualify their staff.

Learning on the Internet or using electronic media presents an excellent opportunity to train your employees fast and effectively. Be it a product launch or a new sales strategy – the KHD Group helps you to adapt your contents methodogically, educational and visually. We use not only state of the art technology but also latest psychological findings so that your contents are easy to understand and interesting at the same time. Whenever your target group is of a certain size, e-learning is also an inexpensive and efficient training tool to transport theoretical contents.

For example, if you are launching a new product or if you want to introduce new hires to key sales pitches fast, we design a sales training on video. The different product features are presented in combination with matching negotiating strategies. We either use animated cartoons or professional actors to describe the phases of a sales meeting. Typical topics such as overcoming objections, interview technique and presenting benefits are customized for your products.

The video is structured in different sequences and can be played on a range of devices. Be it intranet, TV or personal computer, we enable your sales staff to prepare for their next meeting. Since we maintain our own video production company including editors, visual specialists, producers and programmers who are familiar with these types of contents, we are fast and flexible to cater for your specific needs.

Our consultants and trainers provide the educational input so the contents also meet high standards from a psychological point of view. Order a sample DVD and test the quality of our e-learning product suite.

Blended Learning
The blended learning programs of the KHD Group combine e-learning platforms with traditional training formats in an educational manner. Blended learning offers huge efficiency gains – if used correctly. However, not all contents are suitable for electronic learning formats. Especially for behavior oriented trainings, role plays remain first choice because they allow direct feedback from a professional trainer. Preparation and wrap-up of trainings, on the other hand, can take place in a blended learning approach.

Independent of time and location, participants have the chance to explore contents and practice tools and skills they learned in theory. In the seminars, on the other hand, the focus lies on sharing experiences and feedback, which is necessary to measure one's progress. We are available for a meeting to showcase our blended learning approach.

Video Based Trainings
The video based trainings of the KHD Group are not seminars on tape but rather complex learning instruments. The videos are systematic and educational and can be used to inform either employees or customers on a range of electronic platforms. The trainings consist of video sequences, cartoons, animations, workshops and tests and they are adapted to the look and feel of your corporate identity. Our specialized team provides all editorial and technological services – from the concept to the finished product.

We like to use video based trainings to elaborate on contents before and after traditional trainings. We take real life examples and illustrate them in an educational way using multimedia, thereby increasing the understanding of complex issues. This is useful to prepare for a training session as it allows employees and customers to focus on practicing and applying the learning content while attending the seminar.

Video based trainings also enhance the content's sustainability as it can be accessed independent of time and location. The benefits for your company are significant cost savings compared to traditional methods.

KHD-ComicAcademy: animated contents for training and e-learning
Efficient and cost effective learning is the motto of the KHD-ComicAcademy. Our animated characters guarantee not only an entertaining but also a sustainable learning experience.

If you need contents for your e-learning platform we would happy to become your partner. We are able to produce in all languages using your corporate design. We also assist in all matters concerning methodology and didactic implementation of your contents. You will benefit from our proven know how deriving from more than 200 seminars.

Our designers develop individual characters for your company to achieve maximum identification of seminar participants with the presented contents. In addition, we provide easy and cost efficient sound recordings in different languages. Thus, the KHD-ComicAcademy is ideally equipped to serve international customers. Sustainability, efficiency and a limited investment are three good arguments for our ComicAcademy. Take a look at the sample clip to see the quality of the ComicAcademy yourself!

Example-Video ComicAkademie

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