Our holistic approach to human resource management includes supporting your employees' fitness and prevention health problems. Our performance-oriented society leads to enormous economic losses caused by health problems and stress symptoms. We are working with qualified prevention experts, doctors, work-life-balance coaches and fitness trainers. Our experts are readily available to help your company stay fit and healthy.

Wherever humans take center stage, their health is of highest value and importance. Health problems and thus absent rates are rising enormously causing significant economic losses. Our corporate health programs help to reduce absence rates and improve work atmosphere. Preventologists are experts for planning and implementing targeted health measures in corporate environments. Our cooperation partners are certified prevention experts with profound medical knowledge.

Stress Management
Stress is increasing in our performance-oriented society and stress can not always be avoided. Being able to deal with overload situations is an elementary capability to stay healthy. Stress doesn't automatically lead to a burn-out syndrome. KHD Group's tailored coping strategies and mechanisms help to reduce and relieve stress symptoms. Dealing with stressors is something humans can learn which in turn helps them to better allocate resources under demanding circumstances. The goal is to transform negative distress into positive eustress.

Burn-out Prevention
In order to "burn out", someone must have been passionate or highly engaged at some point in time. Specialists and managers often show symptoms that announce a burn-out. Cardiac arrhythmia, frequent headaches and chronic fatigue are clear signs to seek professional advice. New studies confirm that about 25 percent of all specialists and managers show burn-out symptoms. Experts from the KHD Group are specialized on preventing, analyzing and treating burn-outs.

A healthy mind in a healthy body – this ancient Roman saying has been repeatedly confirmed by modern medical studies. There is a close link between physical and mental fitness. A holistic approach to fitness always comprises nutrition, cardio/weight and coordination training. Tailored fitness programs could be a part of every company's health management. The fitness experts from KHD Group are available to design individual programs for your company.