HR Development
Strategic HR Development is a holistic process and part of the overall corporate strategy. HR development must anticipate skills and competencies necessary to secure a company's competitive advantage. In order to reach challenging corporate targets, you need to safeguard your investments into skills, know how and motivation of your staff. The KHD Group is your partner for developing, planning and implementing efficient HR development measures. We look back on 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of corporate academies and training institutes.

Apart from traditional in house qualification, we also provide access to private as well as state-approved universities (BA, MA, MBA and certificates), which not only increases your company's attractiveness for high potentials but also complements your employee retention measures.

HR Development Strategies
HR development is one of the most sensible issues within companies. Investments into a firm's skill base are required to deliver proper returns and support its overall performance. HR development processes need to be targeted and sustainable. This can only be achieved if HR development is in-line with the needs of employees and the requirements of the market. The KHD Group secures your company's competitive advantage by customizing HR development processes according to your demands.

Hiring, assessing, training and developing the skills of your people on the basis of industry specific benchmarks are your guarantee for the best deployment of your human capital. Benefit from our vast experience in the development and implementation of HR development strategies.

In House Academies
In House academies and training facilities reflect a modern corporate culture and promote the image and value of your company. While in the past only large corporations could afford to offer such training forms, we enable smaller and medium sized companies to establish and operate this type of target oriented qualification for their employees. The KHD Group takes over design, planning as well as operation so that you are completely free from administrative tasks.

This relieves your organization and helps to save internal human and cash resources. The curriculum of your academy will be in-line with your goals and culture. All seminar documents will be branded with your corporate identity. We are committed to maintain highest quality standards to achieve best possible results and secure your success in the long term.

In addition, we offer a profit center model that will finance your academy – this way, the investment into your employees will generate double returns!

Employee Appraisal Systems
Assessing employees is one of the most difficult tasks for your managers. In order to assess skills, values and potential reliably, you need objective methods that are customized and meet your company's requirements. The KHD Group is your partner for the development and implementation of employee assessment systems. Together, we define the benchmarks, which we then compare to your internal requirements.

Based on this, we will develop valid measuring instruments and train your managers so that your company can rely on a consistent standard for the assessment of your employees' skills and know how. This way, we ensure that your human resource remains competitive and enable you to make good choices.