We have been active in the field of HR diagnostics for more than a decade, working with a variety of established assessment instruments. During this time, we have set ourselves the target to develop a proprietary inventory for personality traits that is suitable for deployment in enterprises and fulfils all relevant quality criteria. Therefore, we combined our experiences with state of the art scientific methodology in order to match and further develop people and organizations, exploring their full range of skills, talents and aptitudes. Only an organization that utilizes the strengths of its human capital is able to unfold the full potential of its employees.

The Multidimensional Personality Performance Inventory (MPPI) also offers interesting opportunities for individuals by fostering development and the analysis of different personality types. Whether in leadership, negotiations or in everyday life – everyone who is in command of excellent knowledge about people and who can assess his or her counterpart is able to explore opportunities in greater depth. This way, benefits can be realized in private and professional situations alike.

The KHD Group is collecting data from people in different professions and functions on a continuous basis. These insights enable our customers to compare themselves to others, gain orientation and the ability to steer their professional careers. We are not only partner to our customers but also research partner for university projects, to gain and publish new insights about humans and their work environments.

Focus Areas
Especially in recruiting it is very important to make good hiring decisions in order to avoid costly investments that don't pay off. The MPPI offers an objective and scientific basis to this end. We are at your side to help you identify those candidates with a suitable personality for your vacancies. MPPI shows all results that you need to make educated decisions also during pre-selection fast and reliably. This way, you save time consuming first rounds.

High potentials receive attractive offers on a regular basis. In order to retain key employees, it is necessary to use their skills and foster the bond between employee and your organization using a comprehensive talent mapping to assess the strengths of these individuals. On this base, sound career development decisions reduce attrition and increase performance.

Management by objectives only works if employees develop their skills continuously. Usually, companies focus on quantitative goals, sometimes qualitative ones. However, the largest leverage is found within the field of individual development goals. Fostering and requesting development from your employees in realistic dimensions works best if there is comprehensive knowledge about the skill set.

In teambuilding, theory and real life are often miles apart. Ideally, the members of a team are motivated, their skills complement each other and they pull in the same direction. Since this situation rarely just happens, it is helpful to combine characters and personality traits consciously to build strong and high performing units.

Where humans interact, conflicts are not far. This is a normal phenomenon and part of human nature. The main point in conflict management is to realize the main triggers and anticipate precisely which personality type will show what kind of behavior. Many times, this avoids conflict situations or helps solving them in an early phase. Knowing one's own character traits usually helps to understand and show respect for others.

The main reason for using MPPI in our seminars is to educate participants about psychological knowledge regarding the behavior of different personality types. Human behavior consists of actions and reactions within a certain environment. This includes behavioral patters that rely on personal preferences. Knowing and being able to deal with those patterns makes human interactions much easier – be it in leadership situations, in sales or in everyday life.

as enabling intervention to support an individual's self direction is only effective, if the coach is able to reach out to the coachee. Setting goals that are realistic and that can be reached is of vital importance. The only possibility for the coach to be sure about this is to learn about the personality of the coachee using a profiling prior to the actual sessions.


The MPPI is a method that refers to – among others – the Big Five personality model which is the most established, elaborated and accepted model in diagnostic psychology.

Accepted meta-analytic studies show, that the Big Five model scales enable the prediction of performance in professional life and in training situations (see Mount, Barrick & Stewart, 1998; Hurtz & Donovan, 2000; Barrick, Mount & Judge, 2001). Therefore, we have closely studied those character traits that fit best into the professional context. We would be happy to provide in depths information about this topic.

Scientific quality criteria
Developing, maintaining and growing the MPPI, it is very important for us to fulfil all scientific quality criteria and adhere strictly to the defined methods for scientific research. This means:
Objectivity (process objectivity, evaluation objectivity, interpretation objectivity). Task analysis (difficulty index, item differentiation, spread analysis, explorative factor analysis). Reliability (retest-reliability, inner consistency). Representative. Norm oriented test calibration. Validity (content validity, appearance validity, construct validity, criterion validity). Significance. Anti-counterfeitability.

We are pleased to share details in this regard upon request. In addition, we publish our scientific research results on a regular basis.