Open seminars
Seminars offered by the KHD Group are an excellent incentive and ideal for the development of individual employees within the framework of HR development. Aimed at skilled professionals and senior executives in particular, our seminars show how to unlock your potential, think outside the box and broaden your perspective. Idea exchanges with other participants offer valuable insight into the strategies and corporate cultures of diverse sectors. Not only are our seminars an excellent opportunity for networking and establishing new business links, informal evening gatherings have also produced more than their fair share of successful new business ideas.
Seminar participants are hand-picked according to specific criteria in order to offer a high-quality seminar experience tailored to your requirements. Werner Katzengruber's seminars also offer ample opportunity to expand your network with high-quality contacts and interact with other forward thinkers from a range of business sectors.
All events are held for a maximum of 15 specially selected participants. Exclusive seminar hotels ensure a relaxing and inspirational environment.

This informative seminar dispels the common myths surrounding leadership. While the market offers countless seminars on leadership behaviour and leadership skills, alarming statistics on the development of senior executives in Germany show:
  • More than 80 % of employees are unhappy with their senior executives!
  • More than 85 % of employees have already mentally tendered their resignation!
  • The time taken by senior executives for management tasks is less than 10 % of their total working hours!
This seminar goes beyond the theory and focuses on what really makes a good leader. Using the examples and experiences of successful leaders, Werner Katzengruber takes a critical look at current methods and best practices and their implementation in a "real world" environment. For more than 15 years, Werner Katzengruber has observed senior executives at work, carried out interviews, offered consulting services and guided them through seminars and coaching sessions. You too can benefit from his experience and expertise!

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The job of the sales executive has reached hitherto unknown levels of complexity. These days, few products are unique, markets have changed radically and there are countless new sales channels to contend with. Rather than the product, it now tends to be the personality of the salesperson and their skills that determine the level of success. However, practice shows that few sales executives…

  • are familiar with the latest sales methods and their application, with many still adhering to the old school of selling,
  • have the communicative flexibility to guide their customers through negotiations,
  • understand that the win-win principle is based on a fallacy and inevitably actually minimises the negotiator's success.

So what distinguishes the new from the old in terms of sales techniques? The new generation of sales executive is not just out for a quick sale, rather it is looking to establish a strong and long-term relationship with the customer. These days, in order to conduct hard negotiations on an equal footing, sales executives need both personality and know-how. In order to provide real customer benefits and enjoy long-term success, today's sales executive has to be able to accurately determine and assess not only the complex needs, problems and wishes, but also the personality of their customers. A basic understanding of psychology is therefore just as crucial as excellent negotiation skills. This seminar is aimed at all those looking to enhance their sales skill set.

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