Organizational Development
Employees can leverage their skills best when a company's organizational and operational structures are inline with its targets and strategies. At the KHD Group, we understand organizational development as process to establish congruency between the organization, its employees, tools and systems on one side and targets and visions on the other side.

Our mission is to involve those that are affected earn their buy-in. Joint learning processes provide the ground for successful organizational development. This requires not only the willingness to learn but also a moderator and steering instruments. Speak to us if your organization needs to adapt to new parameters.

Organizational Development Processes
Only an integrated working mode allows us to link processes and people and develop the organization efficiently. Therefore, the KHD Group always installs internal teams at the client's site that are responsible for implementing the measures as planned. Already during analysis, we guide and support your employees comprehensively.

At the same time we make every effort to keep up daily operations. Our goal is to prepare internal teams and provide them with the guidelines and tools necessary to implement change and development processes successfully.

We are at your side as external experts and moderators, promoting your organization's transformation and mitigating friction.

Change Management
Especially in consolidation and M&A settings, professional change management is key to success. The KHD Group and its expert teams support you when it comes to managing crisis situations or merging different corporate cultures. Compared to organizational development, change management processes often trigger substantial resistance among employees. This creates a negative momentum that can only be resolved by professional moderators. Employees need to understand why change is necessary in order to embrace it.

We identify potential risks from the start and mitigate them before they can influence the overall process. In a change management situation, the main responsibility rests on the shoulders of the company's managers as they need to lead, steer and control the process. We train and coach your managers and prepare them for their role as change agents.

Knowledge Management
The availability and exchange of knowledge provides the ground for learning organizations. New technologies create opportunities to deal with knowledge in an informative and educational way and make it available to employees, no matter where they are located. But it is no longer enough to simply accumulate and administer knowledge. At the KHD Group, we distinguish between managing knowledge - in terms of skills - and information - in terms of just data.

There are numerous ways to store, transport and access information. But knowledge needs to be imparted and should be available fast and independent of time and location. We want to be understood as knowledge managers. We include new media technologies and platforms into our concepts. Ask us for an appointment if you want to find out more about our knowledge management vision.