Outplacement Consulting
Outplacement services are also a valuable investment into the image of your company, because treating employees fairly while undergoing difficult situations actually strengthens the trust into your organization. Professional outplacement services are important for a company's image, because during restructuring phases corporate strategies and practical constraints meet employees' strong emotions. In order to safeguard a company's image – internally as well as externally – it is vital to implement decisions adequately. Outplacement coaches are specially trained to deal with feelings and anxieties of employees in scope of the proposed measures. The human side of the tough and competitive corporate reality remains visible and your company continues to be an attractive employer. Thus, internal and external image of your company benefits through professional outplacement when it comes to recruiting new employees and it becomes evident through decreased attrition in times of growth.

Outplacement Coaching
We support employees undergoing a professional transition phase. Research studies about how to increase one's satisfaction show that humans develop best when job requirements and a person's capabilities match. Specially trained coaches of the KHD Group help to investigate potential and show how to seize opportunities during the interview phase. Starting with the strengthening a candidate's competencies for the desired job up to optimizing application documents – all steps are a joint effort between candidate and outplacement coach. The goal is that employees perceive the transition into a new job as fair, full of insights and that your company remains in good memory.

Situation Analysis For Managers
In order for companies to handle difficult decision as fair as possible for all parties involved and on the ground of comprehensive information, scientific data is a precondition. The KHD Group offers a specially designed method that delivers maximum precision. Inquiring valid personality traits, behaviours, motivators, social skills, job related and methodical competencies, offers valuable insights for all parties. The professional feedback from our consultants and specific recommendations for further development provides the basis for an individual and comprehensive view on one's strengths and opportunities. This is fundamental for optimized consulting services during the new orientation phase.