Personnel Assessment
Finding suitable new hires, assessing employees correctly and utilizing their potential are challenging tasks for every company. The KHD Group is using modern, scientifically proven diagnostic instruments and advises your company on recruiting and HR development issues. This, in turn, helps you to improve your hiring decisions and utilize the full potential of your employees.

We want to advise you objectively; therefore we are using a number of methods to support your recruiting decisions. Our diagnostic tools are proven to increase the level of objectivity not only as far as new hires are concerned but for internal placements. Our scientific and reliable methods help you to make sound and objective hiring decisions.

Hiring New Employees
Every year, companies loose an enormous amount of capital by hiring the wrong people. Sound and highly secure decisions need to be based on objectively measured skills, behaviour and personal attitudes.

Our process consists of a psychometric test followed by a structured, in-depth interview. This way, we have created a selection process that is flexible enough to cater for your specific corporate culture and requirements. Avoid hiring mistakes and talk to us.

Assessment Center and Audits
Assessment centers and management audits are important instruments to determine the qualification of candidates. In order to attain significant results, all employees at the KHD Group undergo special training for observing assessment centers. In addition, at least one member of your company will be present to observe the selection process. It goes without saying that your representative will be briefed in detail by our consultant in change of conducting the assessment center so that an objective evaluation is guaranteed.

Together, we plan the contents and carry out the measures. We will also compile a comprehensive final report. For best objectivity, we recommend to include a scientifically proven psychometric test. It complements the traditional forms of observing ideally, supports the objectivity and causes only little extra effort.

Talent Mapping
Have you discovered the hidden talents in your company? Many mistakes are made in choosing trainees and developing young professionals. High potentials, however, cherish companies that utilize their talent – it could be your competitor. All too often, young professionals are not allowed to work in fields matching their talents but where they are needed. The employee's growing exasperation does not only lead to bad performance but also to a systematic misjudgement of the employee.

The talent mapping method of the KHD Group enables you to identify and leverage talent so that it yields maximum dividend for your company. In addition, we help you to establish a give and take environment for young professionals, thus creating high employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Online Testing
In order to facilitate fast pre-decision making processes for external and internal candidates, the KHD Group offers a new online testing method – "KHD-View" to assess suitable candidates. It contains an online test that indicates a candidate's fit to a specific job descriptions or job profile. In a second step, we conduct a phone interview to validate the test results. KHD-View provides the necessary input to down-select the number of candidates – quickly and reliably. This way, you can skip tedious phone interviews and time consuming first rounds.

In case you would like us to validate your decisions, we are happy to assist you.