Project management according to international standard
Well functioning project management capabilities provide the ground for effective ways of working, especially during times of change. We have developed a completely new approach for our customers. What's the difference between the KHD Group's system compared to other service providers? First of all, we go beyond the facts of project management and focus intensely on human dynamics, because in the end it is people that make projects successful. In the matter-of-fact project routines, soft factors sometimes don't find enough attention. Secondly, we use state of the art technology to conduct projects in lesser time and at lower cost. We work with the advantages of virtualization and specially developed online tools. We are seasoned experts for large national and international virtual projects that have delivered successful results.

Our claim: the highest quality
Project management, as well as all activities of KHD Group, are aligned to international standards, such as PMI (PMP), IPMA, OGC (Prince) or the GPM and Scrum. Furthermore our consultants are specifically certified. They have experience with concepts such as Kaizen, Continuous Improvement, Toyota Production System (TPS) and Lean Management.

Project management seminars
Our project management seminars are individually customized to cater for the specific needs of your company. The seminars provide comprehensive know how not only about project management but also about coaching, consulting as well as training. We combine the broad knowledge from our various disciplines and combine the factual project management know how with interpersonal skills to strengthen the capabilities of seminar participants.

Virtual project management
We are experts for virtual project management. Today, it is common practice to conduct projects across different company sites. Even international projects are more and more common. The KHD Group has specialized on virtual environments and has developed innovative solutions that enable your teams to work successfully. We have opted for a systemic approach, so that all participants can work efficiently as far as processes and methods are concerned.

Project management coaching
Experience shows that project management theory may sound easy but the successful implementation of projects is viewed as very complex. This is where the project coach of the KHD Group comes into play. Together with the project leader or the entire team, we implement all relevant project management processes to steer your project pro actively and efficiently. Our coaching philosophy focuses on the different competencies and skills necessary for the different project phases (from project start until project end) so that your team can complete its task successfully.