Sales Management
The sales unit is the interface between a company, its market and customers. The KHD Group is focusing on sales as it represents a vital aspect of a company's success. We have developed a specific method to optimize sales efforts, which we have been implementing successfully for over 15 years for clients in various industries and countries: the 4-box model. Quality, quantity and target orientation of your sales force takes center stage in our work.

We measure the actual time invested into sales, review the qualification of your staff and assess the leadership and controlling systems of your sales unit. Based on our findings, we will then develop a set of measures to enhance your sales efficiency, increase revenues and profit margin. We are readily available to explain our approach in further detail.

Distribution And Sales Strategies
Product launches or re-launches can only be successful if a sales strategy is in place that is aligned to the market and competitors. The KHD Group supports you when it comes to analysis, development and implementation of target oriented sales strategies. Our focus lies on the operational adoption. This means we provide comprehensive information to your sales force necessary to sell your products or services successfully.

As required, we also offer custom training programs or electronic media formats (i.e. training DVDs). We even accompany your employees to customer meetings as part of our training on the job services. Ask us for an appointment! We would be happy to provide further information – always taking your situation and special wishes into account.

Sales Controlling
Leading, controlling and evaluating your sales force is vital for the success of your company. Sales management comprises more than pure controlling; it takes the complete sales process into account including the assessment of your sales force. The KHD Group has invented a process that allows a KPI-based prognosis of future results and assesses the quality of your employees without having to invest into a huge CRM data base. A simple but effective early warning system informs you about any misguided developments and leaves you ample time to introduce corrective measures.

The KPIs of our system are: measurement of the actual sales time for individual customer groups, evaluation of current and future sales results as well as the establishment of lost order ratios and the evaluation of employee skills. Our approach allows you to set-up internal benchmarks and plan accordingly. Using our system, we have been able to eliminate deficits in the sales departments of many customers.

These organizations work much more efficiently now and generate higher revenues. We also introduced, for instance, hunter/farmer systems to differentiate between new customer acquisition and existing customer management. Talk to us if you would like to increase the power of your sales force.

Winning New Customers
In times of declining revenues, many companies focus on winning new customers. Often times, the effort and expenses associated with winning new customers are underestimated. The KHD Group has developed a formula that calculates the effort for winning new customers in labor units, thus providing a precise estimate for your planning process. In a second step, we design a target and acquisition plan for your company. Preparing your staff for the measures ahead comprises the third step.

Precise measurements of your sales activities – using qualitative and quantitative KPIs – secure your investment. We also offer coaching services, especially in the critical first phase to support your employees. Talk to us for an appointment to discuss your new customer potential and how you can leverage the potential of your target groups.

Customer Loyalty
The significance of customer loyalty strategies increases as competition picks up. With a ratio of 7:1 – the acquisition of new customers (7) compared to exploiting the potential of existing customers (1) – it becomes evident how important this topic is for your sales force. However, the marketing department is usually responsible for customer loyalty initiatives. The KHD Group has developed a series of measures and tools that enable the steering of customer loyalty also from within the sales department. The goal is not only to safeguard existing customers but also to develop and exploit these customers' full potential.

This requires an exact analysis of the potential at the beginning, in order to select the right customers, win them and secure a long term relationship. We develop customer loyalty strategies including timelines together with your management team. Our approach is unique und successful, because we involve your customers in the process. This way, they start to identify with your company and goals right from the start, which increases loyalty and allows your company to exploit the potential in an enhanced way.

As we progress towards implementation, we support your sales force by means of targeted qualification measures such as trainings, e-learning, coaching as well as training on the job – because we want your success to be a sustainable one. We are available for an appointment to explain our procedure so you can compare the necessary investment to the estimated future revenue increase.