Training And Development
Training and developing your employees continuously and target oriented is the basis for economic success. Qualified employees provide the ground for your company's performance, especially in highly competitive markets and difficult situations. For high potentials, a solid training and development program is an important aspect in their decision making process.

The KHD Group offers training and development programs that are customized to meet the requirements and demands of our clients. Our portfolio includes trainings, seminars, lectures as well as personal coaching. We also design and operate in-house academies, e-learning and blended learning programs and cooperate with partner universities for BA, MA and MBA degrees (part time).

The matching process between employer and high profile candidates in today's word is a two-way street. Offering a comprehensive training and development program is an important criterion to decide in favour or against a job offer.

In House Seminars
Employee qualification is an integral part of your success. Seminars conducted by the KHD Group are designed individually to meet the requirements and demands of participants as well as a client's corporate culture. Our methods and educational style meet strict quality control. All our trainers are required to go through a certification process. Our quality control not only measures participants' satisfaction but also training sustainability. To this end, we have developed our own training approach.

Normally, we prepare participants before they attend the seminar by handing out electronic and printed material. This allows them to practice what they learned in theory beforehand during the actual seminar. Our approach not only increases efficiency it is also easy on the training budget.

Open Seminars
The open seminars of the KHD Group are great incentives and suitable as career development measures for individual employees. Especially for professionals and managers, they offer the opportunity to broaden one's horizon. Sharing experiences provides valuable insights into the strategies and cultures of other people and industries.

Our seminar participants benefit not only from new business contacts and an enriched personal network, sometimes they even develop new business ideas while socializing in front of the fireplace in the evenings. We select the participants according to specific criteria in order to offer a high quality and homogeneous seminar experience.

Werner Katzengruber's seminars are known for their excellent opportunity to grow one's personal network and gain access to high calibre contacts. The seminars take place in an exclusive setting with a maximum of 15 carefully selected participants. Special locations such as our finca in Spain and first class seminar hotels offer a relaxed and inspiring environment.

Coaching refers to a temporary enabling process aimed at helping employees deal with challenging situations in a solution-oriented way. It is geared at strengthening a person's self-reflection and perception and increasing performance as well as receptiveness. The coaches from the KHD Group take ample time during the expository phase to appraise the situation and define the goals.

We distinguish between five types of coaching in our philosophy of systemic coaching. This means, we don't limit the coachee to his or her professional role but rather take a holistic perspective. However, our focus remains on the coachee's professional qualifications.

  • Coaching for Managers
  • Work-Life-Balance Coaching
  • High-Potential Coaching
  • Outplacement Coaching
  • Team Coaching

Training on the Job
In order to adopt what one has learned in the daily work environment, the team of the KHD Group is at your side during the initial implementation phases. Especially for managers, the first 100 days in a new job present a special challenge, a touchstone for future career moves. Professional support during this phase helps you to avoid misjudgments. You will benefit from having a sparring partner at you side to support you with constructive feedback.

The KHD Group is offering a number of high class topics and speakers for customer or internal events as well as for internal qualification measures. Make your event a memorable one. Check the website to find out more about the lectures of Werner Katzengruber. Additional speakers are available upon request. We are also here to support you in case you need to choose or brief a speaker for your event.